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The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is an international marine scientific research program that involves 25 countries from around the world.  The new program builds upon the earlier successes of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (1968-1983), Ocean Drilling Program (1985-2003) and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2003-2013), which are among the most productive science programs ever conducted.  These programs explore Earth's history and structure recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks (as well as through monitoring sub-seafloor environments via observatories) and have led to the discovery of tectonic plates, life in deep extreme marine environments and the unraveling of the Earth's past climate.

IODP offers the international community access to multiple drilling platforms as well as cutting-edge technology and research. Canada is an active IODP member with many Canadian scientists involved in IODP geoscience research projects and marine expeditions.  More about IODP and IODP in Canada.

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Our membership in IODP is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Canadian academic institutions and non-governmental agencies.