The Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling (CCOD) is an organization comprising Canadian universities and government agencies, whose purpose is to facilitate Canada's participation in IODP.

The CCOD has the following objectives:

  • Advocate and encourage Canadian participation in IODP and ECORD
  • Develop proposals and applications for IODP funding
  • Help the community to develop proposals and applications for IODP expeditions
  • Represent the Canadian community on IODP and ECORD committees and panels
  • Provide advice and guidance to the IODP-Canada Secretariat concerning the management of Canada's participation in IODP
  • Disseminate IODP and ECORD information to the Canadian community and public
  • Organize Canadian outreach and training activities, such as summer schools, lecture tours, port calls, and workshops

The CCOD directly supports the operational costs associated with IODP participation and planning for long-term, stable funding for Canadian IODP membership through an annual membership fee.  Membership in the CCOD is open to all persons from Canadian universities, government agencies and industry groups with a commitment to Canada's participation in the IODP.


CCOD Terms of Reference - January 2012


Members of the Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling:

Bold  indicates representative is also a member of the CCOD Executive Committee

UQAM Anne de Vernal Web
Brock University Martin Head Web
MUN (Newfoundland) John Jamieson1 Web
UQAR Guillaume St-Onge Web
Université Laval, retired Réjean Hébert Web
University of Alberta Doug Schmitt Web
University of Victoria Kathy Gillis2  
The University of British Columbia Dominique Weis3 Web
University of Ottawa Mark Hannington Web
University of Toronto Uli Wortmann Web
University of Western Ontario Neil Banerjee Web
Dalhousie University Markus Kienast Web
Natural Resources Canada Calvin Campbell5 Web
University of Calgary Ben Tutolo Web


1 ECORD Council Delegate, ESSAC Delegate
2 ECORD Council Alternate
3 ECORD Facility Board Member
4 ESSAC Alternate (TBD)
5 IODP Science Evaluation Panel Member


Please visit our People page for more information about members of the CCOD.