In 2013, the program transitioned to the International Ocean Discovery Program, a new ten-year scientific endeavor with a revised management structure and scientific framework guided by a new science plan: Illuminating Earth’s Past, Present, and Future. The science plan addresses pressing scientific, economic and societal priorities within four themes:

  • Climate and Ocean Change
  • Biosphere Frontiers
  • Earth Connections
  • Earth in Motion

The scientific goals of the science plan require access to two permanent drilling vessels and the option to charter mission-specific platforms for operations in specialized ocean environments:




IODP (2003-2013)

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) was a ten-year (2003-2013) international partnership to explore Earth’s history, structure, chemistry, and dynamics as recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks. It arose from the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP, 1968-1983) and the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP, 1985-2003), which revolutionized our view of the Earth and were among the most successful international science programs ever conducted. By 2013, IODP involved the collaboration of 26 countries and required an operational budget of about US$120 M/year.

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program transitioned to the International Ocean Discovery Program on October 1, 2013.