CALL: ECORD Distinguished Lecturer Programme (2018/2019)

The ECORD Distinguished Lecturer Programme is an international lecture series given by leading scientists, designed to bring the exciting scientific discoveries of the IODP to the geosciences community in ECORD and non-ECORD countries.

ESSAC is now inviting nominations of lecturers, including self-nominations, for this exciting programme.  It is anticipated that Distinguished Lecturers will be nominated for the period of 2018/2019 (starting mid-2018), with one lecturer in each of the four main thematic areas of the IODP Science Plan 2013-2023.  Each selected lecturer will be expected to deliver at least 6 lectures during their term. Travel costs will be provided by ESSAC, and host institutions are asked to provide accommodation and meals for the Distinguished Lecturers, and to met any other local costs associated with hosting the speaker. 

The deadline to apply is 07 May 2018.
Please see the attached PDF or email for further details and application/nomination instructions.