Special CALL: Education Officers for Exp. 364 (Chicxulub)

There is a special call for educators and outreach personnel to participate in IODP Expedition 364: Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater (Onshore Science Party) starting September 21, 2016 for 3-4 weeks.
ECORD is looking for two applicants with strong educational and science backgrounds, comfort with using the web, multi-media and social media tools, and a passion for sharing the excitement of science with students, other educators and the general public.

Download the CALL for more information and application instructions.

Application deadline: 20 May 2016

IMPORTANT: In contrast to US participants, ECORD Education Officers do not receive a stipend while at sea. However, ECORD can provide support for travel expenses (flights, local transportation, accommodation and meals) up to 2500 Euros.

All candidates must additionally send a copy of their application to the IODP-Canada Office (iodpcanada@gmail.com).