CALL: Expedition 377 (Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography)

ECORD is seeking scientists to join the Science Party for IODP Expedition 377: Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography (ArcOP). Opportunities exist for researchers (including graduate students) in all specialties.

Update (Oct. 3, 2017): Expedition 377 has been cancelled, and the current staffing exercise for the expedition has been halted. ESSAC will provide updates on the future development after the ECORD Council Meeting in late October, and a new Call for Scientists will be issued if the expedition is rescheduled. The official cancellation letter can be found here.

The provisional dates are autumn 2018 (offshore, ~60 days) and early 2019 (onshore, ~4 weeks). 

The overall goal of the drilling campaign is the recovery of a complete stratigraphic sedimentary record on the southern Lomonosov Ridge to meet the highest priority paleoceanographic objective: the continuous long-term Cenozoic climate history of the central Arctic Ocean. Furthermore, sedimentation rates two to four times higher than those at the site of IODP Expedition 302: ACEX permit higher-resolution studies of Arctic climate change in the Pleistocene and Neogene. This goal can be achieved by careful site selection, appropriate drilling technology, and applying multi-proxy approaches to paleoceanographic, paleoclimatic, and age-model reconstructions.

Please see the attached CALL and ECORD webpage for more information.  The deadline to apply is 23 June 2017

To learn more about the scientific objectives of this expedition, life at sea, and how to apply to sail, please attend the web-based seminar on 22 May 2017 at 1pm GMT.
Canadian-based applicants must be NSERC-funded active researchers, or students/fellows working under the direct supervision of such researchers.  Candidates may request support and feedback on their application from the CCOD Coordinator.  All candidates must send their application to at least 1 week before the deadline (before submission to ECORD) for approval by the CCOD Executive Committee.  
Please note that the way in which Canada participates in IODP has recently changed.  Funding for our membership in ECORD is now solely driven by individual researchers and their respective universities, and is guaranteed until December 31, 2017.  Canadian selection for expeditions is contingent upon Canada maintaining active membership.  All applicants should thus contact us to see how they can contribute.