CALL: Expedition 383 (Plio-Pleistocene Dynamics of the Pacific ACC)

ECORD is seeking scientists to participate in JOIDES Resolution Expedition 383: Plio-Pleistocene Dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current (~20 May to ~20 July 2019). Opportunities exist for researchers (including graduate students) in all shipboard specialties - including but not limited to sedimentologists, micro paleontologists, paleomagnetists, inorganic/organic geochemists, petrologists, petrophysicists, microbiologists, and borehole geophysicists.

 Expedition 383 will investigate the Pliocene-Pleistocene atmosphere-ocean-cryosphere dynamics of the Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), and their role in regional and global climate and atmospheric CO2 based on sediment records with the highest possible stratigraphic resolution.

The expedition will test two major scientific hypotheses:

  1. ACC dynamics and Drake Passage through flow conditioned the global Meridional Overturning Circulation and high-low climate linkages on orbital and submillenial time-scales since the Pleiocene
  2. Variations in the Pacific ACC determine the physical and biological characteristics of the oceanic carbon pump and atmospheric CO2

Please see the attached CALL and JOIDES Resolution webpage for more information. The deadline to apply is 01 March 2018.

Canadian-based applicants must be NSERC-funded active researchers, or students/fellows working under the direct supervision of such researchers.  Candidates may request support and feedback on their application from the CCOD Coordinator.  All candidates must send their application to at least 1 week before the deadline (before submission to ECORD) for approval by the CCOD Executive Committee.  

Please note that the way in which Canada participates in IODP has recently changed.  Funding for our membership in ECORD is now solely driven by individual researchers and their respective universities, and is guaranteed until December 31, 2017.  Canadian selection for expeditions is contingent upon Canada maintaining active membership.  All applicants should thus contact us to see how they can contribute.