SPECIAL CALL: Inorganic Geochemist for Expedition 381

There is a special call for applications for an inorganic geochemist to participate in Expedition 381: Corinth Active Rift Development, during the Onshore Science Party only (scheduled to start on 31 January 2018 and last for a maximum of 4 weeks). This call is addressed particularly to scientists with expertise in pore water geochemistry.

Continental rifting is fundamental for the formation of ocean basins, and active rift zones are dynamic regions of high geohazard potential. Expedition 381: Active Corinth Development proposes drilling within the active Corinth Rift, Greece where deformation rates are high, the syn-rift succession is preserved and accessible, and a dense, seismic database provides a high resolution fault network and seismic stratigraphy for the recent rift history.

The Corinth Rift offers access to sedimentary sequences that will enable an unprecedented level of precision of timing and spatial complexity of rift-fault system development and rift-controlled drainage system evolution in the first 1-2Myr of rift history. The expedition proposes to resolve at a high temporal and spatial resolution how faults evolve, how strain is (re-) distributed, and how the landscape responds within the first few Myrs in a non-volcanic continental rift, as modulated by Quaternary changes in sea level and climate.

Please see the SPECIAL CALL for more information.  The deadline to apply is 13 October 2017. 

Canadian-based applicants must be NSERC-funded active researchers, or students/fellows working under the direct supervision of such researchers.  Candidates may request support and feedback on their application from the CCOD Coordinator.  All candidates must send their application to iodpcanada@gmail.com before the deadline (before submission to ECORD) for approval by the CCOD Executive Committee. 

Please note that the way in which Canada participates in IODP has recently changed.  Funding for our membership in ECORD is now solely driven by the members of the CCOD and their respective universities, and is guaranteed until December 31, 2017.  Canadian selection for expeditions is contingent upon Canada maintaining active membership.  All applicants should thus contact us to see how they can contribute.