SPECIAL CALL: Petrophysics/Downhole Measurements Specialist for Expedition 376

There is a special call for applications for one petrophysics/downhole measurements specialist to participate in Expedition 376: Brothers Arc Flux, onboard the JOIDES Resolution (May-July 2018). Preference will be given to scientists with experience in geothermal borehole logging.

Expedition 376: Brothers Arc Flux, Gateway to the Sub-Arc Mantle: Volatile Flux, Metal Transport, and Conditions for Early Life, will investigate the fundamental, interrelated processes governing subseafloor hydrothermal activity at Brothers volcano, southern Kermadec arc. 

The ultimate scientific goal of the expedition is to discover the key processes that distinguish submarine arc-hosted hydrothermal systems from those linked to spreading centers, which results from the flux of magmatic fluid commonly being much higher in volcanic arcs. As a consequence of their shallow water depths and high volatile contents, the magmatic-hydrothermal arc signature gives rise to different fluid compositions and thus mineralization compared to submarine extensional settings. This likely also has consequences for the associated biota. Additionally, given the very acidic fluids and high metal concentrations, submarine arc hydrothermal systems are thought to be important analogs to porphyry copper, epithermal gold, and various volcanic rock-hosted massive sulfide deposits mined on land. Drilling Brothers volcano will provide essential information for understanding the formation of those mineral deposits and will also reconstruct the volcanic stratigraphy of this arc volcano.

Please see the SPECIAL CALL for more information.  The deadline to apply is 18 September 2017.

Canadian-based applicants must be NSERC-funded active researchers, or students/fellows working under the direct supervision of such researchers.  Candidates may request support and feedback on their application from the CCOD Coordinator.  All candidates must send their application to iodpcanada@gmail.com before the deadline (before submission to ECORD) for approval by the CCOD Executive Committee. 

Please note that the way in which Canada participates in IODP has recently changed.  Funding for our membership in ECORD is now solely driven by the members of the CCOD and their respective universities, and is guaranteed until December 31, 2017.  Canadian selection for expeditions is contingent upon Canada maintaining active membership.  All applicants should thus contact us to see how they can contribute.