Teachers & Educators

Education Officers/Teachers at Sea

Education Officers have the opportunity to learn shipboard science alongside the expedition’s science party and translate the exciting story for students, families and the general public through creation of blogs, videos, social networking sites, live ship-to-shore video events and educational resources.

Want to know what it's like to sail as an Education Officer?  Click here for an article by former IODP-Canada Scientific Coordinator Diane Hanano who sailed on IODP Expedition 354: Bengal Fan.

IMPORTANT: ECORD Education/Outreach Officers do not receive a stipend while at sea. However, ECORD or the ECORD national offices (if applicable) can provide support for travel expenses.
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Open/Recent Calls

CALL: Science Communication Specialists 
ECORD educators and outreach experts are invited to apply to sail on upcoming IODP expedition: Expedition 379 (Amundsen Sea West Antarctic Ice Sheet History, CALL here, deadline 26 March 2018).

CALL: Onboard Education Outreach Officers
ECORD educators and outreach experts are invited to apply to sail on two upcoming IODP expeditions: Expedition 381 (Corinth Active Rift Development, CALL here, the deadline to apply has now passed), and Expedition 377 (Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography, the deadline to apply has now passed, CALL here). 


School of Rock

The School of Rock (SOR) Expedition for Earth and Ocean Science Educators is the adventure of a lifetime for educators interested in experiencing scientific ocean drilling research with the experts! During this multi-day workshop onboard the JOIDES Resolution or in the IODP Gulf Coast Core Repository, educators from across the country and the world work with real core material and lab technology to learn how the science reveals clues about Earth’s history.

Want to know what it's like to participate in the School of Rock?  Click here for an article about University of Victoria Senior Laboratory Instructor Sarah Thornton, and here for an article by Whitehorse high school math and science teacher Jane Londero, who both participated in the School of Rock 2013. 

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Open/Recent Calls

2016 School of Rock: Exploring Ocean Cores and Climate Connections: From Antarctica Across the Southern Ocean

This professional development program for formal and informal science educators was held May 29 - June 6, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa onboard the JOIDES Resolution.